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After-sales service


After-sales service


hot products

  • Clip-On Reefer Diesel Generator set

    RGC15/ Clip-On Reefer Generator The model RGC15 mounts to properly equipped ISO containers, in front of the refrigeration unit's upper face. Generator sets are typically provided with "pin” mounting to attach to the container’s header rail. Clamp mounting to the corner casting of the container is available as an option. In either case, when mounted, the RGC15 envelope allows acce1 more

  • Silent  Undermount Reefer  Generator

    RGU15/ Underslung Reefer generator The underslung RGU15 is designed for applications requiring under mounting of the container chassis between the I-beams to allow for maximum road clearnance and even weight distribution. Four-point quick disconnect mounting hardware allows it to be easily mounted and removed. more

  • LED Hydraulic Lighting Towers

    4LT4000H9 MH/ Hydraulic 9m 4*1000W Metal halide lamp diesel-driven lighting tower GTL ‘ s hydraulic lighting towers, lamp post can be raised up to 9 m, resistance to wind force 9, equipped with brushless alternator, each lamp holder has independent control switch. Suitable for railway, electric, public security, oil fields, metallurgy, petrochemical enterprises and other large-scale construction operations, accident repair, resc1 more

  • Solar Light Tower

    4SLT400M7 4*100W LED Solar Light Tower 4SIT400M7 LED GTL Lighting Towers is arugged, mobile outdoor light systems that providhigh-intensity, bright white lighting on-demand, where and when you need4SLT400M7 LED lighting towers is durablle and reliable. lt can cover up to 2304 m2 of lightin.area, suitable for any terrain and environment. The height of the lighting tower can extend tc7met1 more

  • GTL Cummins diesel generator

    Cummins 20~115 KVA Silent & Open Gen-set Cummins is the world's largest independent diesel engine manufacturer, with the industry's largest power range of diesel and natural gas engine line. GTL cummins unit adopts DCEC/CCEC/XCEC and original engine as driving power, with high overall reliability, long continuous operation time and low fuel consumption. In particular, cummins' worldwide s1 more

  • Diesel Screw Air Compressor

    185CFM 7Bar Diesel Screw Air Compressor A rotary-screw compressor is a type of gas compressor, such as an air compressor, that uses a rotary-type positive-displacement mechanism. They are commonly used to replace piston compressors where large volumes of high-pressure air are needed, either for large industrial applications such as chillers, or to operate high-power air tools such as jac1 more

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1. After-sales process

If you have bought any kind of GTL products, if there is a fault during use, you need to report and request maintenance, you can submit the situation through the following ways, we will deal with it in time within 24 hours.

1. First, find the nameplate of GTL products, scan the Service QR-code on the machine, and log in to the interface of GTL after-sales web.

2. Filling the after-sales table, like the following table.

Maintenance service

No matter where your crew is, you can get our professional technical advice and services. GTL will set up customer files for each customer and provide regular inspection service. It can also make maintenance plans for customers and provide corresponding spare parts.

Quality assurance
During the warranty period, our company implements three guarantees and a lifelong service system. Please refer to the attached warranty manual for specific warranty terms.
Whether you are a GTL distributor or end user you can get the following quality assurance:
1. Provide complete and qualified products.
2. Provide complete technical support, including installation and debugging services.
3. Professional technical personnel training.
4. Establish complete customer and product files and visit them regularly
5. Provide qualified original parts and components.
Warranty service:
All GTL products and accessories users will enjoy free warranty maintenance
Accessories warranty: accessories warranty time please refer to the warranty manual or call our after-sales department to inquire;
Warranty: all units are calculated according to the time of delivery, time of purchase, and time of use, whichever comes first
A. use time: 1000 hours since the first use;
B. Purchase time: 12 months from the date when the unit reaches the customer;
C. Delivery time: 15 months from the delivery date of the unit.

We cover all repairs
No replacement costs or other expenses incurred are charged within the warranty.
Fast response time
After-sales service will quickly respond to your requirements, the first-time parts replacement and maintenance, and debugging, to ensure the rapid recovery of the normal operation of the unit.

Our after-sales service team will provide full responsibility and quick solutions to the customer crew's problem.

If you have any after-sales problems, please contact your local dealer or call our customer service department:
+86-592-7898600 or email: service@cngtl.com Or follow our public number for maintenance declaration

2. Installation Guidance

After the customer receives the goods, GTL can provide online real-time installation and debugging consultation and guidance, or provide the following services if necessary:

1. Assign engineering and technical personnel with installation experience to the site for installation guidance.

2. Assign skilled technicians with debugging experience to the site to carry out equipment debugging and trial operations together with the engineering and technical personnel of the customer, and submit the test data report.

3. The Training
If customers have needs, our company will arrange technical personnel for training and guidance. Our company can provide factory training, video online training and on-site training for users to choose.

Training batches

Training objects

Training Time


The first time

Installation personnel

Equipment installation, testing and acceptance

· Equipment principle, structure and technical performance
· Equipment installation and test method
· Equipment operation and maintenance methods
· Other documents

The second time

Operation manager

Equipment debugging and acceptance qualified, put into use

· Maintenance of diesel engine
· Common faults and handling of brushless motor
· Common failure of diesel generator set

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