Our Solution


InteliBifuel does not interfere with the existing gen-set / engine controller therefore the functionality of the current application remains the same after Bi-fuel conversion.


The InteliBifuel conversion application is suitable for any type of gen-set/engine mode of operation (island, synchronization, paralleling).

Financial savings are achieved via the substitution of up to 80% of the existing engines diesel consumption with gas (extended operating times without refuelling are also realized).


InteliBifuel controllers offer fuel flexibility and seamless transition between diesel and Bi-fuel operation modes as required (e.g. in case that gas is not available).

Various types of gases can be used as the substitute fuel: natural gas, well gas, landfill gas, coal gas, propane gas, biogas etc.


Possible emission reductions of CO2, NOx, SOx and PM can be expected compared to original 100% diesel operation.


The InteliBifuel solution is a fully automatic solution which is mainly concerned with engine safety, gas is dynamically adjusted and optimised via a gas throttle valve.


All parts and parameters of the Bi-fuel solution are monitored and accessible from a single point.


Excellent remote monitoring features.

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