Air Compressors Solution
Chemical Industry


Chemical Industry

Improving the quality of product, ensuring process and production safety…
Chemical plants: Ventilation and mixing, knockout tower, cleaning equipment, combustion, transportation, deep freezing, vacuum or pressure filtration, atomising, drive dosing pump, drilling and air blow to clean pipeline, pneumatic control, liquid transmission, rubber plant, paint factory, pharmaceutical manufacturing, plant maintenance, plastic factory.
Air separation;

Fermentation: The production of quality fermented products
Aeration: High-quality air ensures high-quality processes and products
PET production: Enhanced product quality, safer processes
Pneumatic transport: Ensures unblocked pipelines


The separation process between nitrogen and oxygen during normal machine operations, and the production process of fermented products makes it easy for contamination by oil traces. The control valve and actuator of the control system requires good air ventilation,and oil contamination is not allowed.
Any oil in the compressed air will be deposited on the membranes when the air separates.This will result in contamination of the gases.
PET resin beads are produced and transported using compressed air. Oil in the compressed air will contaminate the resin. Result: A different composition of the end product when the beads are sintered. as well as a potential fire hazard.


Air cooling compressor designed under 45℃; are suited to -15℃-45℃ working environments and can run continuously for 24 hours, which has integrated all the core components and basic optional parts. The integrated unit is formed, 400V/230V±10% 3PH 50Hz) to international standard designs, meeting IEC60038 certifications. The machine also comes with compressor lubricating oil.

Main Benefits:

Provides our customers with a whole set of product solutions, professional flow of air delivery and air station layout design, which can greatly reduce operating costs;
The high-standard of configuration and strict technical standards ensure the outstanding performance of the machine which can operate under harsh environments (from -15℃to 45℃);
A fully-closed reinforced base ensures more stable operations, and the chassis with a liquid-impermeable design brings 100% safety to all users;
Soundproof canopy, the design of centrifugal fan, air flue and sound-proofing cloth effectively reduce noise (the sound pressure of noise is 59 - 72 dBA@7m);
User-friendly structure design facilitates daily maintenance and repairs
PLC-5000 intelligent controller is provided, with functions such as multi-data display and monitoring, and is characterised by its ease of operation and multiple languages options (15 in total);
A personalised design is available for meeting customers’ special requirements. A whole set of air post-processing equipment is also available;
A perfect after-sales service system and superior product quality (two years’ warranty period for the principal machine) ensure our customers enjoy the benefits and convenience of any compressor.

Dry purification device

For oil-free compressors or centrifugal compressors, no oil and very little dust accumulates in the compressed air, and the size of dust particles are microscopic, so it is unnecessary to equip an additional sophisticated air filter and an oil filter at the discharge pipe. A heatless dryer or a freeze dryer is able to remove 99.19% of moisture in the compressed air, in this way, the compressed air after treatment can meet the air requirement of the chemical industry.

Machine room requirements for compressors

The compressor requires a separate machine room which must be away from any source of vibration, is dust-free and away from places with corrosive gas, high temperatures and/or high humility. In addition, the machine room must be well ventilated, with temperatures in the room no more than 45℃. The room also needs to be spacious and bright and be equipped with necessary lifting equipment and soundproof measures.

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