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Product Knowledge

Choosing the Right Oil for Your Air Compressor


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Choosing the Right Oil for Your Air Compressor

  • 2022-04-24

Air Compressor Oil has been formulated from highly refined paraffinic base oils and high performance additives to provide outstanding lubrication in a variety of rotary and reciprocating air compressors. Air compressor oil plays several important roles within a rotary screw air compressor system: Lubricates moving parts, Creates a seal between rotors to trap air, Prevents premature wear on parts,Helps cool air during compression.


Air Compressor Oil is designed to provide long service life in most compressor applications. The thermal stability and oxidation resistance of these fluids can help to maintain cleaner compressors, thereby enabling longer running periods between scheduled maintenance and oil changes. The outstanding anti-wear and corrosion protection are designed to enhance equipment life, while reducing maintenance requirements.

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
Outstanding resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation Reduced deposits and coking, extended service life with the potential for reduced maintenance
Potent anti-wear protection Can help reduce compressor component wear and thereby reduce maintenance requirements
Excellent rust and corrosion protection Internal components are protected from surface degradation, thereby extending component life
Rapid release of foam and air release control Rapid release of foam and air, protecting components from aeration and cavitation damage, leading to reduced wear
Rapid water separation from the oil Less carryover to downstream equipment.
Reduced sludge formation in crankcases, discharge lines, coalescers, and coolers


- Be sure to use recommended oil listed below
- Viscosity of the oil varies depending on the temperature and other environmental conditions.
- Even continuous oil replenishment cannot improve its deteriorated condition. Be sure to change the oil completely at every scheduled interval.
- Do not mix it with other brand oil, or it will cause poor performance and shorten the life of the compressor oil. (But fresh compressor oil could accept a mixture of small amount of different brands.)
- Running the unit with old and deteriorated compressor oil will cause damage to bearings, or serious accident like ignition in a separator receiver tank. Be sure to change the oil completely at every scheduled interval.
- Follow the designated regulations to dispose of compressor oil.
- Select one from the recommended oil listed below.

Selection table

Remarks: The selection of oil mainly refers to the rotation speed, pressure and temperature, the lower the viscosity, the higher the rotation speed, the lower the viscosity and the lower the rotation speed, the higher the viscosity oil should be selected;

Selection for high discharge pressure and discharge temperature

The high-pressure mobile air compressor need to choose 46#,68# synthetic oil, the general viscosity index of synthetic oil is 130, and the mineral oil is 110. In high temperature, synthetic oil performs much better. If you choose mineral oil, you should choose 68#. Synthetic oil 46# is similar to 68# viscosity grade at high temperature of 100-120°C. The viscosity grade of mineral oil will decrease a lot at high temperature. 68# oil is used in compressors with high pressure within 30bar, the shear force is high, and the viscosity of oil becomes lower at high temperature, which can be used to ensure basic air tightness. The maximum viscosity of screw machine will not exceed 68#. When the exhaust temperature of the mobile air compressor exceeds 120℃, mineral oil cannot be used, and silicone oil or other oil should be selected. If the temperature is too high, it will cause deflagration or flash combustion; within 24bar, you can choose mineral oil 68#, and synthetic oil choose 46# , 30-40bar, with 68#.

Selection and solutions for low temperature and alpine regions:

The customized model of oil in alpine regions is ACLP 70SP#46, -25°C, pour point at -40°C, and poor low temperature fluidity. When the viscosity grade decreases in winter, 32# should be used, and 46# should be replaced in summer.  The risk is higher in the north due to the base oil is the same, but the viscosity is different. You should replace all a oging oil and don't leave any aging oil as possible, otherwise the old oil will accelerate the aging of the new oil. At low temperature, the viscosity grade should be lowered. It should be specially customized, otherwise you shoud use 32# oil because of 46# may not be able to start the air compressor normally. Most oils are difficult to start at low temperatures, and if the high viscosity will stop oli flow. Therefore, in winter, you need to be very careful when choosing oil. The oil has poor fluidity, and it will quickly cause the airend to get stuck. If it is overheated and the temperature is high, it will cause it to stick together. But if there is a pre-heater device, the problem will be solve.


Your air compressor oil level should be checked daily or every time you use the air compressors. To check the oil level, follow these simple steps:

Place the machine on level ground and stop the air compressor to make sure the machine in a cool situation, when checking the oil level.

Check the oil level of the compressor. Correct oil level is between upper and lower limit of the gauge, when the unit stops. If the gauge shows lower than the middle level, replenish oil.


When the time comes to change your air compressor’s oil, follow the instructions in your air compressor’s manual.

1 Remove the oil filler cap "3" of separator receiver tank "1"
2 Open drain valve "2" to discharge waste oil from the tank.
3 In case of replacement, completely discharge all the oil left in the compressor body, separator receiver tank "1" , pipes and oil cooler. If wasted oil is left in the unit, this residual oil will greatly shorten the life of the newly replenished oil.
4 Be sure to close drain valve "2" after the wasted oil is completely discharged.
5 Fill the designated quantity of new oil into the oil filler port.
6 After oiling, tighten the cap "3" in its place while paying attention not to let dust get in the tank.
7 Start the engine for a short while, then replenish the oil to fill shortage. Repeat this procedure for 2 to 3 times to check if the oil level has reached its appropriate point. Be careful not to overfill the oil.


When you refill the separator receiver tank with compressor oil,stop the engine, and make sure that the pressure gauge indicates 0 psi (0 bar) and there is no residual pressure in it, and then gradually loosen the oil filler cap for refilling oil.
Note residual pressure in the receiver tank could force both extremely hot compressed air and oil to jet out and you may be scalded or seriously injured.

You can buy air compressor oil directly from GTL or GTL dealer.
Besides, you can also refer to our selection standards, strictly select the equivalent air compressor oil

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