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  • General Manager's Address
    General Manager's Address
    Respected Your Excellency: As an outstanding generator genset manufacturer, GTL has supplied global customers in various fields with high quality products possess of stable performance and easy operation during the past 10 years. Based on this orientation, GTL draws up a blueprint of building a world famous name-brand on the view of long term development, on which we consistently researching, manufacturing and marketing in the spirit of innovation. We provide high level product and high standard service continuously. Hence GTL has set up a well-reputable icon image. Why GTL is at a premium for customer? The reason is that we always provide customers with brilliant power system resolution project which is beyond their expectation. Withstanding the fierce market trial for years, the feeling of “Good quality, Fast delivery, High price to performance” are deeply rooted among our customers. GTL brand getting mature as times go by. GTL sincerely look forward to your more in-depth comprehension and cooperation. Let us get start creating a better future hand in hand!


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  • Manufacture
    Through 10 years of development, GTL has accumulated a lot of experience in manufacture of  power generator, air compressor, Lighting tower and welding generator ect., meanwhile GTL has been the leading manufacture in this line. GTL headquarter is located in Xiamen, China. GTL designs, manufactures and sells the full range of GTL brand products. GTL adopts the most professional and optimized design concept in manufacture and establishes a perfect quality control system according to ISO9001 (International quality system standard). GTL products have the advantages of safety, reliability, advance and being friendly to the environment. The eternal pursuit of GTL:Provide high-quality and cost-effective product with advanced technology for customers, also offer perfect technical solution and after-sales service if it is needed to help customers create a better profit.


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  • Company Profile
    Company Profile
    Xiamen GTL Power System Co.,ltd is a technology-oriented company. It focuses on professional manufacturing and R&D Diesel Generator Sets, Generator and related Electrical Control System. The registered trademark is “ GTL”, the supply of power ranging from 5KVA ~ 6250 KVA of the standard Generator Sets, Silent Type Generating Sets, Mobile Sets. A full range of power system antomation solution includes automatic monitoring without people, Automatic connection of machine and network, Automatic load switching, and network upgrade. Xiamen GTL Power System Co.,Ltd is located in Industrial Concentration District (ICD) of special economic city –XIAMEN, It has modern industrial plant, and two assembly lines of Diesel Generator Sets. The annual production capacity is 2,500 sets and the output value of the company has more than billion. Because of skilled assembly workers, and the Standardized & Normalized work, GTL increases the product quality and work efficiency. Company continues to invest in technology for the plant, production and testing equipment. We indraught 3C computer-aided technology, It can design and manufacturer a variety of control panel according to the special requirements of customers. At the same time, we inspect the products in strict accordance with the pilot project of the national standard of Diesel Generator Frequency requirements. This gives effective guarantee of zero-failure products and reliability to operate after factory. The products of “ GTL ” provide the ordinary and online full-power system solutions. The excellet Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is in full compliance with technical specifications of the domestic telecommunications system and the requirements of users. It provides the fast and convenient supply of spare parts for users and after-sales service support. Motive manufacturing creates quality, the quality contributes GTL brand. Brand syntaxises markets. The continuous service shows the community characteristics of GTL. Future-oriented, GTL will continue to make investment in the product research and development as always, innovation and development, and strive to forge ahead and become the well-know enterprises of domestic Diesel Generator manufacturing industry.


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  • How to Find Us
    How to Find Us
    Beijing to Xiamen   2 hours and 35 minutes Guangzhou to Xiamen  1hour Hongkong to Xiamen  1hour and 10 minutes Shanghai to Xiamen  1hour and 30 minutes ShenZhen to Xiamen  1hour Xiamen GTL Power System Co.,Ltd Add: 2/F., No. 320, TongJi South Road, Ji Mei District, Xiamen, China(Head Operation Center) No. 8 Workshop, TongHong Road, Tongan industrial concentration district, Xiamen, China(Manufacture Center) P.C.: 361021 Website: http://www.cngtl.com/ Email: vicsun@cngtl.com


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  • Enterprise Responsiblity
    Enterprise Responsiblity
    Social responsibility Our business relates to the daily life of people around the world, which offers GTL a chance to make contributions to society, economy and environmental protection. Sustainable development is part of GTL’s routine work and an important condition for long-term profitability and achieving the interests of both customers and dealers. We focus on providing solutions that can create the greatest benefits and promote sustainable development of society. For this purpose, GTL actively participate in public activities to fulfill our social Responsibility. Promote social progress GTL makes constant efforts to develop low-energy, pollution-free products so as to reduce the negative impact on environment. GTL provides safe generating sets for uninterruptible power supplies with less noise, low fuel consumption, low emission, longer life and easier to use, making our life better. GTL provides bright and long-distance lighting, making night operations in mines or fields as easy as urban work during the day, and this ensures added safety. GTL pay more attention to the synchronous development of energy and environment. GTL has the chance to communicate with individuals and organizations holding different opinions, experience and skills, and learn from them. We will work together to advance social progress. Environment protection With increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection and globalization of the energy market, improvements on the operational efficiency of electrical equipment has become the focus of technological breakthrough. Based on the perfect combination of customer needs and innovation, GTL continues to make significant progress in saving energy, reducing emission and lowering noise. With superior noise reduction devices, GTL generating sets will not affect people’s daily life, nor will they pollute environments even during outdoor use this being due to their ultra-low emissions Environmental concepts: focus on the development of clean energy and make business development be in harmony with environmental protection. "Green" development strategy: low noise, low fuel consumption, low emission, improve production process or re-configuring products; develop new energy equipment, care about the future of the world. Supplier system GTL requires suppliers to protect the environment and fulfill their social responsibility, adhering to the concept of mutual benefits, continuously optimizing supply chains and improving comprehensive competitiveness. To this end, GTL has established a complete supply evaluation system and co-operation policy, ensuring the ability to provide high-quality products for customers. Supplier standards All suppliers must meet relevant standards to be qualified as GTL suppliers, mainly involving the following aspects: Environmental impact and management systems, Financial conditions, Management organs, Logistics, Level of social responsibility.


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  • Supply Chain Network
    Supply Chain Network
    GTL always adhere to the product orientation of “High-quality Products, Fast Delivery Time and Reasonable Price”and customizable products.  Over more than 15 years of development, GTL products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions, totally GTL supply more than 5000 sets of products to different customers in different field. Under the new situation, GTL will continue to develop in the overseas market, through their own advantages of innovation, seizing the significant opportunity , such as new round of country-driven industry, capital going out, meanwhile speeding up the layout of popular countries for ‘One Belt and One Road’ project. So far, GTL products are exported to the following countries: Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines ect. 


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  • Contact GTL
    Contact GTL
    Marketing Center:2F,zongshun Building.No.320.Tongji south Rd,Jimei,Xiamen,361100,China Manufacturer Center:1# Factory Building,No.8 Tonghong Rd,Tong’an District,Xiamen,361100,China VISCUN Wang Mobile&Webchat: +86-18965107029 Tel: +86-0592-7196398 Email: vicsun@cngtl.com


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