• Perkins genset
    Perkins Diesel Genset
    This series genset is powered by UK Perkins which is set up in 1932.The design features of Perkins engines ensure their hign suitability for all power generation applications,and with the advantages of good structure,reliable performance,easy maintenance,low exhaust gas and long period maintenance.The global service network can provide our customers with reliable and guaranteed service.
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  • Genset Clip-on mounting
    Genset Clip-on mounting
    GTL Reefer Generator equipped with perkins 404D-22 or Forwin 404D-24G3 Reliable Diesel Engine Nominal 15kw high-efficiency PMG generator Controller with enhanced Fuelsmart functionality
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  • diesel welder for sale,diesel welder
    Diesel Welder
    Characteristics of diesel electric welding machine 1、using intermediate frequency permanent magnet generator, MCU control technology, strong power, small volume and light weight. 2、The machine adopts frame structure optimization, mature operation, convenient maintenance. 3、power generation, electric welding machine and the second one, can separate power or electric welding, and can be used at the same time, easy to use the auxiliary power supply. The maximum is 6Kw. 4、the welding power with manual arc welding function, also has the cellulose and improve welding arc welding function. 5、using digital technology to make the control circuit more simple, more reliable, and the control circuit and the power circuit adopts modular design and installation, simple assembly and maintenance. Then, the whole structure is more compact
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  • YUCHAI  Diesel Genset
    YUCHAI Diesel Genset
    Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company Limited is found in 1951,which is located in Yulin,Guangxi,China. Yuchai is one of the largest diesel engine manufacturers in the world with an annual production capacity up to 800,000 unites.Yuchai has 22 series of diesel engines in the range of 24~1650KW for vehicle,marine,construction,agriculture and power generation application.Yuchai engines comply with European emission standard from Euro 2 to Euro 6.
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  • Cummins  Diesel Genset
    Cummins Diesel Genset
    This series genset is powered by Cummins engine (DCEC,CCEC,XCEC) with the advantages of economical easy continuous running hours and durability. Cummins products have been used in more than 160 countries,and its global service network can provide our customers with reliable and guaranteed service.
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  • Mitsubishi  Diesel Genset
    Mitsubishi Diesel Genset
    This series genset is powered by Japan Mitsubishi.Since 1917,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd continually develop and create all kinds of diesel engine from 0.5Hp to56400Hp.The best performance-matched engine system configured with Mitsubishi diesel engines and Mitsubishi turbochargers,which are engineered and manufactured in the same facility to ensure that could create high productivity and improve fuel efficiency.
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  • MTU Diesel Genset
    MTU Diesel Genset
    MTU is the engine of the whole system and power plant the largest German manufacturer.MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH joined DaimlerChrysler AG, has more than 30 years, a manufacturer of diesel engines in the United States the largest brand. MTU diesel engine can be used for petroleum, mining and agriculture industry. MTU diesel engine generator has been successfully used in the construction site based on. Railway and military equipment. Advantages of MTU diesel generator sets The ability to work round the clock at full load Use and less elbow joint A unique pressure injection system (1.5 atmospheres) equipped with a control jet and fuel pump. Because of the fuel pump in each cylinder, one of its outstanding features is its high reliability The use of modern designed bearings and pistons has greatly increased the engine life The maintenance cost of MTU. diesel engine is reduced Long service life, high reliability, the design of equipment in more than 60000 hours Equipment damage rate decreased by 5 times A reduction in vibration and noise levels
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  • Volvo Diesel Generator
    Volvo Diesel Generator
    Penta was founded in 1970 in Sweden, the company was originally engaged in marine engines, now concerned about the production of marine power, diesel industry, marine generator Diesel generating units VOLVO advantages VOLVO, Penta power ranging from 100-900 low-noise high reliability (Hi-Rel) Low fuel consumption Compact installation Convenient application
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  • Genset REAR-CAB
    Genset REAR-CAB
    InstallationType-GensetClip-on Model PWST15 FWST15 PrimePower(kw) 15 RatedVoltage(V) 460 RatedFrequency(Hz) 60 Dimension L(mm) 1570 W(mm) 660 H(mm) 1000 Weight(kg) 850 DieselEngine Model 404D-22(EPA/EUIIIA) 404D-24G3 Manufacturer Perkins FORWIN Type Direct-injection,4-stroke,4-cylinder,water-cooled,dieselengine CylinderNumber 4 4 CylinderDiameter(mm) 84 87 IntakeStroke(mm) 100 103 MaximumPower(kw) 24.5 24.2 Displacement(L) 2.216 2.45 Rotation(r/min) 1800 1800 CoolantCapacity(L) 7 7.8 LubricatingOilCapacity(L) 10.6 9.5 FuelCapacity(L) 125 FuelConsumption(L/H) 1.5∽2.5 AirFilterMode HeavyOil-immersedType StartSystem 12VElectricStart AuxiliaryDeviceofColdStart AirHeaterDC12V ChargingDynamo WithDC12V Alternator Model RF-15 InsulationGrade F/H Excitingmode Brushless;Excitation ControlSystem ControlSystemModel PCC1420 ParameterDisplay Generator Set:Voltage V, Current A, Frequency HZ, Active Power KW, Apparent Power KVA,Power Factor Cos∮, Cumulative Power of Generator Set KWH; Engine:Coolant Temperature, Lubrication Pressure, Rotation,Working hours,Battery Voltage, Fuel Level ect. SafetyProtection Generator Protection:Overvoltage / undervoltage, over frequency / under frequency, overload, short circuit. Engine Protection:Low Oil Pressure, High Water Temperature, Low Fuel Level, Charging Failure, Over Speed OptionalFunction 12VDC-100AH Free Maintenance Battery AuxiliarySystem Battery 12VDC-100AHFreeMaintenanceBattery PowerOutlet ISOStandardJunctionBox、MeettheStandardofCEE-17,32A,接地极为3时指针方向 FuelLevelGauge MechanicalFuelLevelGauge QualityAssessmentSystem ISO9001:2000 SafetyCertificate CE
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