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Enterprise Responsiblity


Social responsibility

Our business relates to the daily life of people around the world, which offers GTL a chance to make contributions to society, economy and environmental protection.
Sustainable development is part of GTL’s routine work and an important condition for long-term profitability and achieving the interests of both customers and dealers.
We focus on providing solutions that can create the greatest benefits and promote sustainable development of society. For this purpose, GTL actively participate in public activities to fulfill our social Responsibility.

Promote social progress

GTL makes constant efforts to develop low-energy, pollution-free products so as to reduce the negative impact on environment. GTL provides safe generating sets for uninterruptible power supplies with less noise, low fuel consumption, low emission, longer life and easier to use, making our life better.
GTL provides bright and long-distance lighting, making night operations in mines or fields as easy as urban work during the day, and this ensures added safety.
GTL pay more attention to the synchronous development of energy and environment.
GTL has the chance to communicate with individuals and organizations holding different opinions, experience and skills, and learn from them. We will work together to advance social progress.

Environment protection

With increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection and globalization of the energy market, improvements on the operational efficiency of electrical equipment has become the focus of technological breakthrough. Based on the perfect combination of customer needs and innovation, GTL continues to make significant progress in saving energy, reducing emission and lowering noise. With superior noise reduction devices, GTL generating sets will not affect people’s daily life, nor will they pollute environments even during outdoor use this being due to their ultra-low emissions
Environmental concepts: focus on the development of clean energy and make business development be in harmony with environmental protection.
"Green" development strategy: low noise, low fuel consumption, low emission, improve production process or re-configuring products; develop new energy equipment, care about the future of the world.

Supplier system

GTL requires suppliers to protect the environment and fulfill their social responsibility, adhering to the concept of mutual benefits, continuously optimizing supply chains and improving comprehensive competitiveness. To this end, GTL has established a complete supply evaluation system and co-operation policy, ensuring the ability to provide high-quality products for customers.

Supplier standards

All suppliers must meet relevant standards to be qualified as GTL suppliers, mainly involving the following aspects:
Environmental impact and management systems, Financial conditions, Management organs, Logistics, Level of social responsibility.

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