• Gas Generator Set
    Gas Generator Set
    GTL GAS GENERATOR The world is experiencing steady growth. The total global demand for energy will grow by 41% up to 2035. For over 10 years, GTL has worked tirelessly to meet the growing demand for energy, prioritising the use of engines and fuels which will ensure a sustainable future. GAS generator sets which are powered by environmentally friendly fuels, such as natural gas, biogas, coal seam gases and associated petroleum gas.Thanks to GTL’s vertical manufacturing process, our equipment has proven excellence in the use of the latest technology during manufacture and the use of materials that ensure quality performance which surpasses all expectations. Gas Engine Basics The image below shows the basics of a stationary gas engine and generator used for the production of power. It consists of four main components - the engine which is fueled by different gases. Once the gas is burnt in the cylinders of the engine, the force turns a crank shaft within the engine. The crank shaft turns an alternator which results in the generation of electricity. Heat from the combustion process is released from the cylinders  This must be either recovered and used in a combined heat and power configuration or dissipated via dump radiators located close to the engine. Finally and importantly there are advanced control systems to facilitate robust performance of the generator. Power Production GTL generator can be configured to produce: Electricity only (base-load generation) Electricity & heat (cogeneration / combined heat & power - CHP) Electricity, heat and cooling water (trigeneration / combined heat, power & cooling - CCHP) Electricity, heat, cooling and high-grade carbon dioxide (quadgeneration) Electricity, heat and high grade carbon dioxide (greenhouse cogeneration) Gas generator are typically applied as stationary continuous generation units but can also operate as peaking plants & in greenhouses to meet fluctuations in local electricity demand. They can produce electricity in parallel with the local electricity grid, in island mode operation, or for power generation in remote areas. Gas Engine Energy Balance Efficiency & Reliability The class-leading efficiency of up to 44.3% of GTL engines results in outstanding fuel economy and in parallel the highest levels of environmental performance. The engines have also proved to be highly reliable and durable in all types of applications, particularly when used for natural gas and biological gas applications. GTL generators are renowned for being able to constantly generate the rated output even with variable gas conditions. The lean burn combustion control system fitted on all GTL engines guarantees the correct air/fuel ratio under all operating conditions in order to minimise exhaust gas emissions whilst maintaining stable operation. GTL engines are not only renowned for being able to operate on gases with extremely low calorific value, low methane number and hence degre...
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