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Model PWST15 FWST15
PrimePower(kw) 15
RatedVoltage(V) 460
RatedFrequency(Hz) 60
Dimension L(mm) 1570
W(mm) 660
H(mm) 1000
Weight(kg) 850
DieselEngine Model 404D-22(EPA/EUIIIA) 404D-24G3
Manufacturer Perkins FORWIN
Type Direct-injection,4-stroke,4-cylinder,water-cooled,dieselengine
CylinderNumber 4 4
CylinderDiameter(mm) 84 87
IntakeStroke(mm) 100 103
MaximumPower(kw) 24.5 24.2
Displacement(L) 2.216 2.45
Rotation(r/min) 1800 1800
CoolantCapacity(L) 7 7.8
LubricatingOilCapacity(L) 10.6 9.5
FuelCapacity(L) 125
FuelConsumption(L/H) 1.5∽2.5
AirFilterMode HeavyOil-immersedType
StartSystem 12VElectricStart
AuxiliaryDeviceofColdStart AirHeaterDC12V
ChargingDynamo WithDC12V
Alternator Model RF-15
InsulationGrade F/H
Excitingmode Brushless;Excitation
ControlSystem ControlSystemModel PCC1420
ParameterDisplay Generator Set:Voltage V, Current A, Frequency HZ, Active Power KW, Apparent Power KVA,Power Factor Cos∮, Cumulative Power of Generator Set KWH;
Engine:Coolant Temperature, Lubrication Pressure, Rotation,Working hours,Battery Voltage, Fuel Level ect.
SafetyProtection Generator Protection:Overvoltage / undervoltage, over frequency / under frequency, overload, short circuit.
Engine Protection:Low Oil Pressure, High Water Temperature, Low Fuel Level, Charging Failure, Over Speed
OptionalFunction 12VDC-100AH Free Maintenance Battery
AuxiliarySystem Battery 12VDC-100AHFreeMaintenanceBattery
PowerOutlet ISOStandardJunctionBox、MeettheStandardofCEE-17,32A,接地极为3时指针方向
FuelLevelGauge MechanicalFuelLevelGauge
QualityAssessmentSystem ISO9001:2000
SafetyCertificate CE
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