Lighting Towers application


GTL Lighting Towers application

GTL  Lighting towers are widely used in outdoor activities, construction sites, railway projects, industry, coal mines, movie and television photography, rental, and disaster relief.

The mast can be raised quickly and provide lighting service at the first time.
Four supporting legs are designed to enhance stability even in sever wind.
Equipped with PLC controller for easy operation and maintenance.

Product performance

Special design to reduce noise with the noise level as low as 62dBA@7m
Equipped with automatic voice alarm system, high safety performance.
Equipped with energy-efficient metal halide, long life, applicable to all industries.
Large fuel tank to ensure at least 20 hours of continuous operation.

Production selection

With respect to the lamp source, our Lighting towers can be divided into halide lamp and led lamp. Halide lamp has the characteristics of small in size, high brightness, Lighting color, easy installation, and long service time; known as a new Lighting source of the 21st century, LED lamp has the characteristics of safety, long service life, low power solution, etc.
With respect to the application demand of product, GTL Lighting towers can be divided into portable type, manual type, automatic lift type, road type, mine type and hybrid power supply type.

Power output socket and drag rod are optional for generator sets applicable for Australia standard, Americas standards, European standards and other standards.

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