• MTU Diesel Genset
    MTU Diesel Genset
    MTU is the engine of the whole system and power plant the largest German manufacturer.MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH joined DaimlerChrysler AG, has more than 30 years, a manufacturer of diesel engines in the United States the largest brand. MTU diesel engine can be used for petroleum, mining and agriculture industry. MTU diesel engine generator has been successfully used in the construction site based on. Railway and military equipment. Advantages of MTU diesel generator sets The ability to work round the clock at full load Use and less elbow joint A unique pressure injection system (1.5 atmospheres) equipped with a control jet and fuel pump. Because of the fuel pump in each cylinder, one of its outstanding features is its high reliability The use of modern designed bearings and pistons has greatly increased the engine life The maintenance cost of MTU. diesel engine is reduced Long service life, high reliability, the design of equipment in more than 60000 hours Equipment damage rate decreased by 5 times A reduction in vibration and noise levels
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