• The grand year-end party of 2018
    The grand year-end party of 2018


    Annual Meeting Dinner, it is a very important and solemn activity at the end of a year to a Xiamen local enterprise. We feel so honored and happy to have a lovely annual meeting in our workshop, to award the outstanding employees and to celebrate the coming new year. The year of dog is leaving us, and we are looking forward to the year of pig. We are so glad to get together here at the 10th Anniversary of our company. Ten years of wind and rain, ten years of spring and Autumn. Ten years ago, the General Manager Mr. Vicsun guided the staff to start with scratch and founded Xiamen GTL Power System Co.,Ltd. Time stops for no one, and God rewards the diligent, after development and expansion of more than ten years, a diversified company is now rising in the world. Accompanied by Passionate music, the end of year-end part is about to begin. General Manager Mr Vicsun made a speech first! In the past days, we wouldn’t have harvested so much without the painstaking effort of leaders and hard sweat of all staff of the company. GTL people always work hard to survive in competition and to develop with innovation. Ten years to grind a sword with trials and hardships. Thanks to the efforts, the spirit of fighting and Innovation, we have achieved such success for these years. What’s more important is your insistence of never giving up. Now please allow me to bring you some interesting sidelights at the annual meeting. GTL’ success can’t be achieved without the efforts from all of you. Only when everyone is united in a big boat can they ride the wind and break the waves and hang the clouds. At the beginning of the coming new year, we shall be grateful, to remember the past, to hold the present and to look forward to the future. With full dreams and hopes, let’s ride in the wind and waves, and start sailing away.

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  • Happy new year 2019!
    Happy new year 2019!


    Here kindly inform you that: Our company will be on holiday start from from 30st of December 2018until 1th of January 2019. For any emergencies please contact the office Tel: +86-592-7196398 or email: vicsun@cngtl.com With best wishes for a happy New Year.

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  • 2018 warms our heart, Team-Harmony and Unity, Collaboration and Mutual benefit
    2018 warms our heart, Team-Harmony and Unity, Collaboration and Mutual benefit


    Single silk is not threaded, single tree is difficult to grow forest. In order to make our team more united and competitive, and to better adapt to the changing market environment, our company (GTL) organized an experiential training program on December 14, 2018 with the purpose of "cohesion, potential and challenging". After the brainstorming of the teams, every team gave out their slogans and team songs. And these powerful team images opened the prelude to expansion. The team members cooperate and assist with all their efforts, and work together to create impressive achievements. The team members stand up and sit up at the same time without external forces. All the team members use the shortest time, the loudest voice, and the neatest action to anounce - we are the best team! Through abundant communication, establishment and amendment of rules and regulations, mutual trust and entrustment among colleagues, a secret task - "password fax" is accurately completed,that a group of natural numbers are silently transmitted from the end of the team to the head of the team. All the colleagues face up to difficulties in activities, dare to challenge themselves, encourage each other, overcome psychological obstacles, never escape and never give up. And every touching is from the shock of the soul. Learn in practice, change in experiential learning, and gain more insights into life. In the experience of dedication, collaboration, courage brought about by the joy of success, everyone deeply felt the essence of the team, as well as the responsibility to assume.

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  • The 124th Autumn Fair ended successfully
    The 124th Autumn Fair ended successfully


    China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, this is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the largest buyer attendance, the broadest distribution of buyers’ source country and the greatest business turnover in China. GTL participated Canton Fair since in 2014, we had successfully for these sessions. Many friends were visit our booth, we showed Cummins 30kva silent type generators. All customers are like our quality design. We are not only professional manufacture in China, but also air compressor, lighting tower and welder. GTL always emphasize”quality first”, although the market competition is fierce, the sales of our company still keep growing steadily every year. We looking forward to meeting you in 125th Canton Fair.

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  • Welcome to visit us at 124th Canton Fair
    Welcome to visit us at 124th Canton Fair


    Our booth No.: 3.1 I16, Hall 3.1.

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  • Containerized 600KW continuous diesel generator
    Containerized 600KW continuous diesel generator


    To continue providing you with reliable power generator, GTL focus on every details in structure design, components selection, production process inspection, testing performance etc.   Maybe, you ignore what electricity brings us endless support, but we never forget going all out to offer you a stable power supply, and can ensure production yield, productivity and production output in many fields. This 600KW continuous containerized generator, combining with Cummins engine and Leroy Somer alternator, is applicable for supplying utility power at a constant 100% load for an unlimited number of hours per year. Supplying a powerful guarantee to the safe and economical running of the power system.

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  • GTL Participated in the JIExpo Kemayoran Exhibition Jakarta 06 Sep-09 Sep 2017
    GTL Participated in the JIExpo Kemayoran Exhibition Jakarta 06 Sep-09 Sep 2017


    On Sep. 6th, GTL carried generator set to participated electric power & renewable energy Exhibition. GTL has been committed to the design, manufacturing, and sale of various generator sets, lighting towers, screw air compressors(diesel driven/motor driven). for more than ten years. GTL generator sets and other engineering equipment are in operation in nearly 50 countries around the world. GTL product are widely used in commercial, residential, industrial, medical, telecommunications, military, aerospace, engineering and other outdoor areas, particularly harsh environment, such as mining, desert, high altitude plateau. The exhibition lasted for four days with more than 500 customers visiting GTL booth and inquiring about our products.

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  • 2017 Canton Fair Autumn Edition
    2017 Canton Fair Autumn Edition


    2017 Canton Fair Autumn Edition

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  • In the spring of 2017 commodities fair
  • Autumn Fair in 2016
  • In the spring of 2016 commodities fair
  • Myanmar show in 2015

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