GTL’S Advantages
Our Method


Deep understanding of market needs

With 10 years' development, our employees have known much about the product demands and purchase characteristics. With rich knowledge and experiences about products, we are capable of providing customized products as per different requirements of customers all over the world.

Provide desired products for customers.

With 10 years' development and research, GTL has created and developed dedicated products for 9 applications.
Small communication generator set
Data centers unit generator set
Mine generator set
Oilfield generator set
Mixing Station standby generator set
Cold zone generator set
Tropical and desert generator set
Port generator set
Lease generator set

Solutions with advanced technology

GTL' solution system is based on a flexible, open, attractive and reliable technology platform; our solution is featured with the characteristics of visualization, popularization, easy to understand and implement.

Compliance and standardized processes

We develop and manufacture products in compliance with all kinds of standards and regulations, as well as PowerLink' standard system. Relying on information technology management processes, we are capable of producing first-class products.

Strict non-standard products manufacture process

GTL's standard products can meet the need of 98% customers. For special requirements about the products, we will provide customized products as per the following process.

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