Our Solution


Application for faster start-up sequence of multiple generators.

 No need to synchronize generators by standard way and wait until all of them are synchronized on the same bus.

Suitable for standby applications.

Eliminates possible blackout time.

Ideal for systems running on UPS.

System available at full capacity in 8-10 seconds from start command.

Start-up time remains constant even if the number of generators is increased to 10, 20 or 31.

To avoid delaying availability of the system due to slow-starting generators or other problems, any engines that fail to reach running speed within a specified time are “rejected” from the scheme and, if able, are left to perform traditional synchronizing after the majority of sets have become available.

Traditional synchronizing is available to allow for slow-starting generators.

Automatic switching to traditional synchronizing in case insufficient sets are available to meet load’s requirements.

The soft magnetizing of feed transformers – solves the problem where grid supply is not capable of supplying the inrush and decreases the overall cost of the installation.

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