The grand year-end party of 2018


Annual Meeting Dinner, it is a very important and solemn activity at the end of a year to a Xiamen local enterprise. We feel so honored and happy to have a lovely annual meeting in our workshop, to award the outstanding employees and to celebrate the coming new year.

The year of dog is leaving us, and we are looking forward to the year of pig. We are so glad to get together here at the 10th Anniversary of our company.

Ten years of wind and rain, ten years of spring and Autumn. Ten years ago, the General Manager Mr. Vicsun guided the staff to start with scratch and founded Xiamen GTL Power System Co.,Ltd.

Time stops for no one, and God rewards the diligent, after development and expansion of more than ten years, a diversified company is now rising in the world.

Accompanied by Passionate music, the end of year-end part is about to begin.

General Manager Mr Vicsun made a speech first!

In the past days, we wouldn’t have harvested so much without the painstaking effort of leaders and hard sweat of all staff of the company. GTL people always work hard to survive in competition and to develop with innovation.

Ten years to grind a sword with trials and hardships. Thanks to the efforts, the spirit of fighting and Innovation, we have achieved such success for these years. What’s more important is your insistence of never giving up.

Now please allow me to bring you some interesting sidelights at the annual meeting.

GTL’ success can’t be achieved without the efforts from all of you. Only when everyone is united in a big boat can they ride the wind and break the waves and hang the clouds. At the beginning of the coming new year, we shall be grateful, to remember the past, to hold the present and to look forward to the future. With full dreams and hopes, let’s ride in the wind and waves, and start sailing away.

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