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GTL Diesel generator
Yuchai Diesel Genset

Diesel Generator

Yuchai Diesel Genset

YuChai YC4A Series (72~137 kva) Diesel Generator

YuChai YC4A Series (72~137 kva) Diesel Generator

YC4A series engine developed by Yuchai,is a classic power product with high brand awareness and high market recognition;and market holdings of it is more than 400,000;the engine used for generator set is developed based on it,and is characterized by reliability and durability,energy-saving and environment-friendly,compact structure,strong transient loading capability and good maintainability.

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GTL Yuchai YC4A diesel generator

YC4A T2 Features

. Development by Digesting the famous European companyconsulting research
. With alloy cast iron Cylinder number and Cylinder numberhead, high pressure forged integral cast iron crankshaft, the engine has the advantages of compact size, light weight, highreliability and overhaul period is more than 12000 hours
. Type 1 high pressure pump improves fuel injection pressureand fuel consumption
. Yuchai sealing technology in piston and valve oil sealimproves lube oil consumption

YC4A T3 Features

. The main structures, such as engine body, are time tested, which ensures the high reliability of the whole engine.

. Leading and mature HPCR(BOSCH) fuel system and high-efficient turbocharged intercooled technologies are adopted, which ensure precise control of fuel-injection quantity and sufficient air intake;and the full combustion, low fuel consumption and less emission of diesel engine under different load conditions are ensured.
. Full-flow oil cooler is adopted; thus heat dissipation efficiency is increased by 30% and oil temperature is effectively reduced; and the oil can lubricate the parts under reasonable temperature to reduce the friction loss.
. The design of integrated outlet water header pipe of cylinder head is adopted, which reduces the sealing surface and improves seal-ing reliability.
. The internally-cooled oil channel is adopted for piston, which effec-tively reduces piston temperature and ensures the long service life.
. Requirements for Grade G3 generator set performance is satisfied.

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Standard Configuration

▣ Cooling system with large size radiator and expansion tank ▣ Heavy- duty chassis
▣ Built-in insulation and anti-vibration block ▣ Free-maintenance battery
▣ AC alternator for battery charger  ▣ Battery charger
▣ Cable and bracket for battery ▣ Battery isolation switch
▣ Main circuit breaker ▣ Automatic start control system
▣ Fuel_ Water separator ▣ Fuel level sensor
▣ Oil sump pump ▣ Full load test
▣ Comprehensive security protection ▣ Emergency stop button
 gtl generator standard configuration

Optional Configuration

▣ Silent Canopy ▣ Heavy duty air filter
▣ Cold weather operation ▣ Engine coolant heater
▣ Intake air heater ▣ The sensor of cooling water level
▣ Anti_condensation heater(alternator) ▣ PMG alternator
▣ Power sockets panel ▣ Leakage circuit breaker
▣ High capacity fuel tank ▣ External fuel connections
▣ Automatic fuel refilling device ▣ Superior residential type silencer
▣ Skid with forklift slots ▣ Control system with parallel function
▣ ATS (Automatic transfer switch) ▣ Mobile trailer chassis
* Note: Special configuration is available
 gtl generator optional configuration
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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.