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  • Diesel Generator Diesel Generator

    The diesel generator set produced by GTL is characterized by high stability, long running time, low fuel consumption and low noise, providing solutions for different application fields such as real estate, leisure and entertainment, hotels and hotels, electronic communication, logistics, agriculture, forestry, husbandry and fishery, banking and school.GTL provides comprehensive solution for prime/standby power generation from 7-3260kva.

  • Air Compressor Air Compressor

    To provide reliable air compressor for the vast number of users around the world, to ensure the normal operation of factories, hospitals, Banks and other industries and enterprises, high reliability, long service life, economic and environmental protection; Power range covers a wide range, small to tire inflation, large to road construction, military launch torpedoes, can use air compressor as power.

  • Lighting Towers Lighting Towers

    The lighting towers produced by GTL are mainly divided into manual lighting towers, hydraulic lighting towers and LED lighting towers. The lamp post can be raised up to 9 meters, resistant to force 9 wind, equipped with brushless alternator, each lamp holder has independent control switch. Suitable for railway, electric, public security, oil fields, metallurgy, petrochemical enterprises and other large-scale construction operations, accident repair, rescue and disaster relief and other on-site mobile lighting.

  • Reefer Generator Reefer Generator

    High-strength box structure and anti-pitch and anti-roll installation methods make its work more reliable and safe. Compact structure, no space, maximum loading rate, super long life brushless fan, low maintenance cost, integrated design, high reliability, large air volume design, rapid cooling.

  • Gas Generator Gas Generator

    From the perspective of resource utilization and environmental protection, gas-fired generators make full use of various natural gas or harmful gas as fuel, turn waste into treasure, safe and convenient operation, high cost efficiency, low emission pollution, and suitable for heat and electricity generation. At the same time, the gas-fired generating set also has the advantages of good power quality, good starting performance, high starting success rate, low noise and vibration, and the use of combustible gas is clean and cheap energy.

  • Engine-Driven Welders Engine-Driven Welders

    Portable engine driven welders have been conceived to endure professional industrial uses,especially those which are severe and continuous . Their main areas of applications are construction companies,hospitals, hotel complexes,public shipyards, and oil, gas and all kinds of pipelines,amongst others. There are models in which the welding current and voltage are electronically or digitally regulated. The different models can be broken out into those for welding with electrodes from 2to 8mm in diameter and those for wire welding.

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Xiamen GTL Power System Co.,Ltd established in 2009,is a professional power generation solutions and supplier located in Xiamen of China,we engaged in the research,development, production,sales and service of Industrial diesel generator,Mobile diesel generator,Pump diesel generator,Gas generator,Air Compressor and Light towers.   The Generators we provide can be both in Open skid,weather proof and Soundproof,power range from 5 kw to 4000 kw; The Gas generator can range from 12 kw to 1500 kw, The Air Compressor range from 55 CFM to 1600 CFM,maximum 34.5 bar, The Light towers were designed to offer the widest choice,multiple solutions of lamps with metal halide floodlight and LED lamp to satisfy different application,additionally,it is totally customizable.   GTL focus on Client,guide all their efforts and have a team always available for all situations,the product has the advantages of Low noise,Low vibration,easy operation and reliable performance,all product conform to CE and ISO 9001 standard.   With 12 years experience,GTL Present in over 50 countries, spreading all over 5 continents,it is flexibility and perfectly able to manufacture from the standard product to special projects,such as Oil & Gas plan,Mining plan,power plan,construction and engineering,that require a higher complexity in its engineering and conception,based on this, GTL aspires to be china’s Atlas copco to strive for customer’s successful.  

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For almost 10 years, GTL have been providing industrial solutions to customers. We have grown to become a diverse and efficient generator provider, offering a complete range of AC and DC generators.

  • R&D and Manufacturing
    R&D and Manufacturing

    GTL after many years of investment, technology research and practice experience accumulation, at present, the research and development center has formed a complete professional technology development system, has an experienced, high-quality staff, has a strong independent development, development and production of processing capacity, leading the industry in a specific field of continuous innovation ability. Continuous improvement and innovation of application solutions, for a variety of harsh application occasions to provide continuous high quality power, enhance the human design, repair and maintenance is more convenient and fast. Products have been exported to Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and more than 40 countries and regions. Its multidisciplinary team of highly qualified engineers make a continuous contribution to improving the components of its generator sets, from  industrial design and component structure to the treatment of the materials and productive processes, in order to optimise the operation, facilitate refrigeration and increase the level of soundproofing.  As a result of this, the engines can work under ideal conditions as these improvements facilitate combustion, reduce gas, heat and noise emissions,  and prolong the working life of the generator sets. As regards the control panels are manufactured by GTL, each configuration adopts optimum components and go through quality control strictly. GTL could offer different operation mode according to customer's demand, such as make the generator in island mode or networked parallels, or increase other performance. 

  • Production license
    Production license

    GTL Power company with ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate for the :“Design, manufacture, marketing and technical assistance of power generators, lighting towers,welding generator, tractor with PTO generator and hybrid generation systems.” GTL power generator sets comply with European legislation and were given the CE marking .

  • Solution

    GTL markets both standard & innovative generators, services & turnkey solutions to companies across the globe, with a strong focus on customized solutions for a wide range of engineering companies & large-scale projects. Our team of industrial designers & engineers will design a generator solution tailored to your needs. We will take a full evaluation of your exact requirements, carry out site surveys as required, and produce detailed reports, technology specifications and drawings to design a complete power solution.

  • After-sale service
    After-sale service

    Installation instructions After the customer receives the goods, GTL can provide online real-time installation and debugging consultation and guidance, or provide the following services if necessary: 1. Assign engineering and technical personnel with installation experience to the site for installation guidance. 2. Assign skilled technicians with debugging experience to the site to carry out equipment debugging and trial operation together with the engineering and technical personnel of the customer, and submit the test data report. Training If customers have needs, our company will arrange technical personnel for training and guidance. Our company can provide factory training, video online training and on-site training for users to choose. Maintenance services No matter where your crew is, you can get our professional technical advice and services. GTL will set up customer files for each customer and provide regular inspection service. It can also make maintenance plans for customers and provide corresponding spare parts.

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The Dragon Boat Festival
The Dragon Boat Festival

  • 15, Apr, 2021
    GTL looks forward to meeting you at the online Canton Fair

    We will be here at 15th to expect  your visiting.

  • 19, Feb, 2021
    We are back at work

    GTL POWER SYSTEM  finished the holiday and is back at work today. We will offer the best service to you as always, if you have any inquiry or questions, please feel free and contact us.

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  • 25, Jan, 2021
    2021 Lunar New Year

    New year is coming, GTL people are gathering together to celebrate a toast, to give thanks for our good fortune In the past year, COVID-19 has spread all over the world, life and work is proving hard enough, we lived in constant fear of virus, but thanks to our government ,our people & customer,...

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