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Screw air compressor oil leakage, the cause must be found out first


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Screw air compressor oil leakage, the cause must be found out first

  • 2019-12-09
The screw compressor's oil circuit system is very tightly sealed, and oil leakage failures do not occur under normal circumstances. However, oil leakage may occur when maintenance is not timely or an accident occurs during operation. There are also many types of oil leakage. One is oil leakage, which is slow; the other is oil leakage, which is faster; the other is oil injection, which is almost instantaneous. No matter what kind of failure can not be ignored.

There are three types of screw compressor oil leakage faults: oil seepage, dripping and injection. For these three situations, different treatments should be made according to different phenomena. Therefore, when you find that the machine is leaking oil, do not rush to repair it. Instead, find out the cause of the oil leak and then repair it.

In the case of oil leakage, if the equipment is not caused by more complicated factors, but only due to loose connections or poor fastening or increased pressure, etc., you can fasten the connection parts in the shutdown state.

In the case of oil dripping, the treatment method is basically the same as oil seepage, and it can be performed by referring to the oil seepage processing method. However, if there are deep-seated reasons, the hidden dangers must be ruled out according to the deep-seated reasons before handling.


In the case of oil injection, it is generally caused by the blockage of the oil cooler of the screw compressor. The main means to deal with this failure is to clear the oil cooler. The method is to first take out the core of the oil cooler, put it in an iron tank, add water, put a descaling agent in the water, soak it for 1 to 3 days, and then take out the cooler core and use a soft copper wire to The scale in the cooler core is cleared one by one.

While dredging the cooler core, clean up the entire oil system. The method is to connect the tubing of the oil system with the cleaning pump truck to form a self-circulating system. The cleaning pump truck we use is an iron box more than one meter square, equipped with small wheels that can be pushed, which can move the box freely and push it in front of the compressor when it is used. Equipped with a pressurized water pump and an electric heater, the descaling agent is poured into the water in the iron tank. The water pump is started, and the descaling agent begins to circulate in the oil circuit system. After 1 to 3 days of immersion, the oil circuit system's Dirt is cleaned up.

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