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  • Clip-On Reefer Diesel Generator set

    RGC15/ Clip-On Reefer Generator The model RGC15 mounts to properly equipped ISO containers, in front of the refrigeration unit's upper face. Generator sets are typically provided with "pin” mounting to attach to the container’s header rail. Clamp mounting to the corner casting of the container is available as an option. In either case, when mounted, the RGC15 envelope allows acce1 more

  • Silent  Undermount Reefer  Generator

    RGU15/ Underslung Reefer generator The underslung RGU15 is designed for applications requiring under mounting of the container chassis between the I-beams to allow for maximum road clearnance and even weight distribution. Four-point quick disconnect mounting hardware allows it to be easily mounted and removed. more

  • LED Hydraulic Lighting Towers

    4LT4000H9 MH/ Hydraulic 9m 4*1000W Metal halide lamp diesel-driven lighting tower GTL ‘ s hydraulic lighting towers, lamp post can be raised up to 9 m, resistance to wind force 9, equipped with brushless alternator, each lamp holder has independent control switch. Suitable for railway, electric, public security, oil fields, metallurgy, petrochemical enterprises and other large-scale construction operations, accident repair, resc1 more

  • GTL Cummins diesel generator

    Cummins 20~115 KVA Silent & Open Gen-set Cummins is the world's largest independent diesel engine manufacturer, with the industry's largest power range of diesel and natural gas engine line. GTL cummins unit adopts DCEC/CCEC/XCEC and original engine as driving power, with high overall reliability, long continuous operation time and low fuel consumption. In particular, cummins' worldwide s1 more

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Model Selection:
Model STANDBY PRIME Diesel Engine Emission Documents
KVA KW KVA KW Brand Model
YMW-12T5 13.8 11.0 12.5 10 YANMAR 3TNV88 GGHWC PDF
DCW-63T5 68.75 55 62.5 50 Cummins QSB3.9-G35 PDF
DCW-38T5 41.25 33 37.5 30 Cummins QSB3.9-G33 PDF
DCW-25T5 27.5 22 25 20 Cummins QSB3.9-G31 PDF
DCW-35T6 38 30 35 28 Cummins 4B3.9-G12 PDF
CCW-1575T6 1875 1500 1575 1260 Cummins KTA50-G9 -
CCW-1525T6 1788 1430 1525 1220 Cummins KTA50-G12A -
CCW-1375T6 1550 1240 1375 1100 Cummins QSK38-G4 -
CCW-1413T6 1475 1180 1413 1130 Cummins KTA50-G12 -
CCW-1375T6 1575 1260 1375 1100 Cummins KTA50-G3 -
CCW-1200T6 1438 1150 1200 960 Cummins QSK38-G5 -
CCW-1375ST6 1375 1100 N.A N.A Cummins KTA38-G9 -

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.