2018 warms our heart, Team-Harmony and Unity, Collaboration and Mutual benefit


Single silk is not threaded, single tree is difficult to grow forest. In order to make our team more united and competitive, and to better adapt to the changing market environment, our company (GTL) organized an experiential training program on December 14, 2018 with the purpose of "cohesion, potential and challenging".

After the brainstorming of the teams, every team gave out their slogans and team songs. And these powerful team images opened the prelude to expansion.

The team members cooperate and assist with all their efforts, and work together to create impressive achievements. The team members stand up and sit up at the same time without external forces.

All the team members use the shortest time, the loudest voice, and the neatest action to anounce - we are the best team!

Through abundant communication, establishment and amendment of rules and regulations, mutual trust and entrustment among colleagues, a secret task - "password fax" is accurately completed,that a group of natural numbers are silently transmitted from the end of the team to the head of the team.

All the colleagues face up to difficulties in activities, dare to challenge themselves, encourage each other, overcome psychological obstacles, never escape and never give up. And every touching is from the shock of the soul.

Learn in practice, change in experiential learning, and gain more insights into life. In the experience of dedication, collaboration, courage brought about by the joy of success, everyone deeply felt the essence of the team, as well as the responsibility to assume.

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