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  • Why your Diesel Generator might not be Working ?
    • Jan , 13 2021

    Sometimes we may have problem to run the Diesel Generator then we need help, how about to know a little more knowledge about it ?It will make the troubshooting more easier. There are top 5 reasons for your reference. 1. Battery Problem If the battery is broken or connection failured, the diesel generator might not be working, for this problem, we just need to check the connection of the battery or...

  • Starting Diesel Power Plant In Winter
    • Dec , 10 2020

    In winter, during severe frosts, there may be problems with starting the diesel generator. There are several ways to solve this problem and facilitate winter start-up. We assume that you have carefully read the Engine Operator's Manual, the genset is in good working order, the battery is charged, there is sufficient fuel in the fuel tank, the fuel valve is open, and air has been removed from the f...

  • What is the main and standby power of diesel generator set
    • Nov , 11 2020

    The main power is the maximum power that a diesel generator set can develop during continuous operation at variable load for an unlimited time. The average load in a 24 hour period is 70% unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. Overloading for 1 hour for 12 hours of operation is not specified by ISO, but is allowed. The minimum load value of the diesel generator set is 25% of the main powe...

  • Generator Power Ratings - Prime Power & Standby Power explained
    • Nov , 09 2020

    Generator Power Ratings - Prime Power & Standby Power explained When we plan to buy a diesel generator, we may face the problem of model selection, how to choose a right model ? Here , we will explain of Generator Power ratings for you. STANDBY POWER RATING : When a diesel generator is used as a standby power supply. It is applicable for supplying emergency power for the duration of the utilit...

  • 2 sets 800KW diesel generator sets were shipped smoothly
    • Aug , 21 2020

    Today, GTL Power system used quality to create brilliance. 2 sets 800KW diesel generator sets were successfully shipped. On the morning of August 18th, GTL Power System staffs delivered these two generator sets in assembly factory. GTL Power System insists on "survive by quality, develop by reputation", constantly researches and develops new products,we continuously develop in the direction of hig...

  • How to calculate fuel consumption of diesel engine generator
    • Dec , 23 2019

    1. What is the fuel consumption of 200KW diesel generator set for eight hours? For example, a 200KW diesel generator set.It is a V12 cylinder 135 Shanghai dongfeng diesel engine. When the load is 80%, how many liters of diesel does it consume in eight hours of operation? 2. The 200KW generator should be equipped with about 220KW diesel engine. Diesel engines typically consume between 190 and 220 g...

  • How to choose a diesel generator set?
    • Jul , 16 2019

    1. basic or spare? 2. how much power? 3. single-phase or three-phase generator? 4.50 Hz, how is it? 5. choose where to use 6. neutral mode. 7. generating units continued work 8. container or shell. 9. automatic or manual When purchasing a generator decision, you should always keep some basic things, such as the purchase of what type of power unit, where installation and how to install it. To bette...

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