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Features of Fuelsmart 
thanks to standard inclusion of the formerly optional FuelWise™ technology and use of a new ultra-high-efficiency 15 kW custom-designed permanent magnet generator. 
Fuel savings of up to 34% versus prior standard units provide customer with significant operational cost savings and longer hauls prior to refueling.

GTL Reefer Generator Details: 

Ambient temperature range: 
1. Structure   -40 to +52°C    (-40 to +125°F) 
2. Operation  - Start      -26 to +52°C    (-15 to +125°F) 
2. Operation  - Run      -40 to +52°C    (-40 to +125°F)

Functionality - The UG15 provides a full 15kW output to power ISO reefer containers.

Accessories and Options:

Auto Restart

Four-point QuickMount installation system(with single captive bolts)

50-gallon(189 liter)integral fuel tankavailable in aluminum or steel 80-gallon(303 liter)integral fuel tank Approximate

Approximate Weights: 693kg(1,525lb.)with 50-gallon integral steel tank


GTL reserves the right to discontinue or change any specification or design without prior notice or obligation.

Model PWUG15 FWUG15
PrimePower(kw) 15
RatedVoltage(V) 460
RatedFrequency(Hz) 60
Dimension L(mm) 1316
W(mm) 1550
H(mm) 800
Weight(kg) 705
DieselEngine Model 404D-22(EPA/EUIIIA) 404D-24G3
Manufacturer Perkins FORWIN
Type Direct-injection,4-stroke,4-cylinder,water-cooled,dieselengine
CylinderNumber 4 4
CylinderDiameter(mm) 84 87
IntakeStroke(mm) 100 103
MaximumPower(kw) 24.5 24.2
Displacement(L) 2.216 2.45
Rotation(r/min) 1800 1800
CoolantCapacity(L) 7 7.8
LubricatingOilCapacity(L) 10.6 9.5
FuelCapacity(L) 189
FuelConsumption(L/H) 1.5∽2.5
AirFilterMode HeavyOil-immersedType
StartSystem ElectricStartDC12V
AuxiliaryDeviceofColdStart AirHeaterDC12V
ChargingDynamo withDC12V
Alternator Model RF-15
InsulationGrade F/H
Excitingmode BrushlessExcitation
ControlSystem ControlSystemModel PCC1420
ParameterDisplay Generator Set:Voltage V, Current A, Frequency HZ, Active Power KW, Apparent Power KVA,Power Factor Cos∮, Cumulative Power of Generator Set KWH;
Engine:Coolant Temperature, Lubrication Pressure, Rotation,Working hours,Battery Voltage, Fuel Level ect.
SafetyProtection Generator Protection:Overvoltage / undervoltage, over frequency / under frequency, overload, short circuit.
Engine Protection:Low Oil Pressure, High Water Temperature, Low Fuel Level, Charging Failure, Over Speed
OptionalFunction 1.EnergySavingviaFrequencyConversion;2.AutomaticStartandStopSystem.
AuxiliarySystem Battery 12VDC-100AHFreeMaintenanceBattery
PowerOutlet ISOStandardJunctionBox、MeettheStandardofCEE-17,32A,接地极为3时指针方向
FuelLevelGauge MechanicalFuelLevelGauge
QualityAssessmentSystem ISO9001:2000
SafetyCertificate CE
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