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Solar and wind are increasingly popular and cost-effective options for the generation

and supply of power for both commercial and residential use. For operating the supply in parallel to the mains, protections are required, both for the network and equipment. It is important that these protections comply with the local utility’s standards. ComAp protection relays are the perfect solution providing advanced features, easy installation and intuitive operation.


In Solar/Wind applications on-site technical support (and ready access to a qualified technician) isn’t always an option: The MainsPro protection relay features automatic reset, remote communication and reliable monitoring of the system functions to provide


a reliable, cost-effective and trouble-free operation.


Advanced communication, remote monitoring and data/ event logging make InteliPro the ideal solution for your smart applications. This highly flexible protection relay combines powerful standard features with near endless optional features enabling you to build the ideal system for protecting your renewable energy investments.

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