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Product Technology

To provide a stable and high quality product, GTL pays attention to all the product areas, especially parts and its core technology.

Reducing the operators downtime helps reduce the operating costs

All of the operators hope to spend less time on maintenance of the machine. So we strive to improve the design of our products to shorten the downtime and minimize maintenance intervals.

Reduce cost to enhance competitivenes

We use advanced machinery and process management to reduce human error and any irregularities to ensure high quality in all our products.

Maintenance plan

To keep your unit running at peak performance, we recommend you carry out regular periodic maintenance.

Operator training

GTL offers training for dealers, agents and customer engineers and operators.

Warranty service

In GTL, quality is always paramount. We provide support to all of our products through our complete warranty service.

Maintenance Technical Support

We established oceanic companies and enlarged distribution networks to provide convenient and efficient services to our users.

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