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Self-contained power supply

Self-contained power supply is needed in the following conditions: shortage of power supply, unstable power grid, no power grid for power supply (such as island far away from continent, remote pasturing area, village, military camp, work station, and radar station).
Powered by world famous engines, GTL generator sets are featured with the characteristics of strong power and stable performance. With more than 70,000 generator sets working in all over the world, GTL products are widely received by our customers.
When larger power (above 1000KW) is needed for standby power, or there are peak and valley power demand, paralleling of several generator sets is applicable for the user to reduce operation cost and keep long service time of the generator sets.

Emergency Standby Power

In the condition when sudden interruption of electricity equipment (such as fire extinguishing system, escape lighting, and elevator of high-rise buildings, control system of automatic production line and important communication system, etc.) will result in a significant loss or personal injury, the emergency generator set shall be installed to supply power emergently. In these conditions, automatic start diesel generator with degree of automation shall be installed
Equipped with auto-start control panel, GTL generator sets are featured with the characteristics of fast start-up, strong sudden load-unload capability. GTL generator sets are equipped with ATS to ensure safety of power supply in case of any losses caused by any accidents.

Outdoor Lighting

GTL Lighting towers are widely used in outdoor activities, construction sites, railway projects, industry, coal mines, movie and television photography, rental, and disaster relief.
With respect to the lamp source, our Lighting towers can be divided into halide lamp and led lamp. Halide lamp has the characteristics of small in size, high brightness, Lighting color, easy installation, and long service time; known as a new Lighting source of the 21st century, LED lamp has the characteristics of safety, long service life, low power solution, etc.
With respect to the application demand of product, GTL Lighting towers can be divided into portable type, manual type, automatic lift type, road type, mine type and hybrid power supply type.

Outdoor Engineering Power

Compressors, generators and super-5 etc., can provide support for outdoor power project. Mobile Lighting Towers can provide lighting service and power service during night operation.
With respect to the application demand of outdoor project, GTL Lighting towers can be divided into portable type, manual type, automatic lift type, road type, mine type and hybrid power supply type.

Clean Compressed Air

GTL Air Compressors provides customers with full set product solutions to save operation cost of customers. The brand new soundproof design concept of Air Compressors (noise level: 59 - 72 dBA@7m) makes the Air Compressors silent and environmental-friendly; humanized structural design makes it convenient for daily maintenance.
GTL Air Compressors can be widely used in many fields, such as automobile manufacturing, plant maintenance, chemical, electronic industry, oil refineries, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pump services, sheet metal workshop, power plants, paper mills, steel mills, etc.

CHP Unit

With energy cascade use, GTL CHP units enhances primary energy utilization ratio up to 90% and reduces distribution and transmission cost (6-7%).
Due to its advantages of high efficiency and less pollution, CHP units are widely used in various fields.

Biogas Power Generation

Landfills, sewage disposal plant, farms, and livestock farm are rich of biogas resource. GTL’ CHP units can help users to generator electric energy with its owned free resource.

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