PM Inverter Screw Air Compressor
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Fox Air PM Inverter V PLUS type Air Compressor with the Function of Effective Energy Conversation.

Relying on frequency control technology, the compressor’s output capacity will match with your compressed

Air consumption perfectly, and avoid energy loss due to unloading.

In intermittent requirement for compressed air application, through soft startup’s zero load.


Special Designed PM Motor

The motor efficiency reach, even higher than IE3 efficiency, The motor adopt excellent performance magnetic material

-NdFeB with following advantage:

Free bearing maintenance, free grease maintenance, direct connection without transmission loss,  low nose, low vibration, compact structure.

There has visible cover at the back of motor , which could help identify the rotation easily.

Differences between Compressor’s PM variable frequency & Normal variable frequency.

Save as much as 40% energy consumption. 

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