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Product Knowledge

Reefer Container Genset application


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Reefer Container Genset application

  • 2022-05-07

Reefer Container Genset application:

Refrigerated container is a special equipment for transporting aquatic products, meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, etc. To guarantee the goods.The freshness of the material does not deteriorate, and it must be transported under low temperature or freezing conditions, and a certain amount of electricity is required to reach a low temperature. compressor is cold.The main load of the freezing device, the length of its starting time and the frequency of starting directly affect the power consumption; in addition, there are electricity for fans and defrost, heating equipment.

1.The operating temperature range is -30°C~12°C, and the more general range is -30~20°C;

2.Features: Refrigerated containers have flexible loading and unloading, stable temperature for cargo transportation, low cargo pollution and low loss, and are suitable for various transportation.

Loading tool, fast loading and unloading speed, short transportation time, low transportation cost

3.According to the mode of transportation, refrigerated containers can be two types: sea transportation and land transportation.

GTL Undermount Reefer Genset with high characteristic:

Guericke generator, BTO Generator, Fovn Generator

1. GTL use a high-efficiency permanent magnet alternator, the actual output of the genset can reach a maximum of 20KW standby,ensuring that provided with sufficient power to quickly cool the refrigerator to the required temperature.

2.Vibration test to ensure that GTL product design and actual use achieve the lowest vibration effect.

3.Yanmar engine with global warranty,low fuel displacement.

4.Our RF4-15 PMG alternator with 2 years warranty,the work effective 94% compare traditional alternator just 81%.

5.Our radiator is designed use for ambient high temperature of 55℃. In addition to its excellent heat dissipation performance of the strong structure and strong shock resistance. The warranty for the radiator is 3 years from the date of arrival to the destination port.

6.The external terminal is equipped with fast charging and starting terminals. When the battery voltage is low and the refrigerated generator cannot be started, it can be used the trailer battery, the generator can be started though connecting the battery wires to reduce the waiting time for faults; at the same time, this terminal also An external high-power charger can be used to quickly charge the battery.

7.Humanized Designs

a.Water refill cover, convenient for external water refill.

b.The built-in electric battery switch ensures that the battery power is cut off every time the shutdown is stopped, so as to avoid battery self-discharge and affect the next startup.

c.Electric pump, automatic emptying, improve the success rate of starting

d.Deepsea DSE4520MKII controller with small size and powerful in function, which can provide complete monitoring and protection functions.

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